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ASK facilitates citizens’ mobility and their daily identification. More than 350 million contactless cards, inlays and tickets have been delivered worldwide. Everytime end-users wave their contactless smart card or paper ticket, they benefit from the experience of a worldwide leader in contactless ticketing for public transport. ASK has capitalized on this expertise and developed a know-how in the identity sector.

Today, millions of travellers going abroad will have ASK technology in their biometric passport or electronic driver license. The inventor of the dual interface card (contact and contactless) and contactless paper tickets, ASK developed a unique, reliable and environmentally friendly technology of silver ink silk screen printed antenna on paper, Teslin® or polycarbonate substrate. ASK holds a twofold expertise and has developed a full range of readers and terminals.

Latest News

Latest News

• 01 Oct 2014

Following the successful programme in Bogota, a second Colombian city chooses ASK technology.


• 24 Sep 2014

ASK has published its interim results for H1 2014 (1 January - 30 June).


• 19 May 2014

ASK, leading actor in contactless technology is announcing the launch of its new advanced contactless reader: The CityFlow.


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