ASK contactless paper ticket, C.ticket,


C.ticket is the world's first disposable contactless paper ticket. Based on a memory chip, this ticket is intended for limited use with or without a reloading scheme. Exclusively combining  paper and silver antenna, C.ticket is environmentally friendly and can be easily recycled. These features along with security, flexibility and easy integration make C.ticket the ideal solution for tourists or occasional users in mass transit ticketing systems. Access control and ticketing in museum, entertainment, stadiums or large sport or cultural events are other relevant applications for this contactless paper ticket.
Available in a range of different memory sizes and security level, the C.ticket can be delivered in die cut, fanfold or roll form factors. Since it is made of paper, it can be printed with a very high image quality, and is compatible with thermal printing for applications requiring specific personalization at the issuance.
The industry widely recognized the breakthrough nature of the innovative C.ticket technology, granting several awards including the Sesame of the Best Overall Application.

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