Smart cards

ASK CoreLam contactless inlay


The CoreLam® range of products is a family of inlays for contactless smartcards. This family includes the Mifare range (Mifare UL, Classic, Plus and DESFire), all chips for identity applications (ICAO or ICAO lite) and also those for the banking sector as well (Paypass® and Visawave®). CoreLam is available in various substrates such as Polycarbonate or PET to meet the security and durability requirements of the identity sector. In addition, Teslin based inlays can also support embedded security printing features.
ASK manufacturing sites are certified to meet governments’ security standards as well as standards required in the banking and identity sector (NASPO, Visa, MasterCard, CC EAL4+…).

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CoreLam® UHF

CoreLam UHF inlays are based on a passive RFID technology (without a battery) and offer a long range communication distance up to 8 m together with stringent durability criteria. Contactless smart cards manufactured with these UHF inlays benefit from outstanding performance in terms of functionality, mechanical resistance and durability. These products are suitable for access control and RFID applications as well as specific applications such as drivers’ licenses.



SPiD is a contactless solution specifically designed for electronic passports. SPiD is available as a paper or Teslin inlay to be inserted into the passport cover or as a polycarbonate inlay to be laminated into a datapage. Both inlays and eCovers belong to the SPiD range.
The SPiD e-Cover complies with ICAO standards and has been tested in terms of durability with many national printing houses. SPiD is specifically designed to be embedded by current passport manufacturing houses without equipment changes.
SPiD successfully went through extensive mechanical tests including torsion, bending, and stamping, as well as temperature and humidity tests in independent laboratories such as PIRA laboratory.

PDFDownload the SPiD PDF product sheet