ASK personalization services

ASK is one of the few companies to master the whole production chain, from silver ink printed antenna up to contactless smart cards sent to the cardholder at home. ASK’s personalization service comprises clients’ data base management, alphanumeric data printing (first name, last name…) and a 4 colored photo. The card is then stuck onto a printed and customized letter. After the letters have been sent, ASK sends a data listing of all personalized cards back to the operator so that they can be included in the ticketing system.

  • To facilitate the management of your personalization projects, ASK offers a range of services:
    • To personalize your transport cards, cards used in daily life, access control cards, etc.
    • On microprocessor-based dual-interface and contactless cards (Calypso CD21 and TanGO, Desfire, etc.)
    • On memory cards (SRT512, CTS512, Mifare Classic, Mifare UL, etc.)

Digitization of photos and paper registration forms

  • Opening envelopes and preparation for scanning
  • Detaching photos
  • Scanning photos + registering an ID number for the link between the scanned photo and the subscriber's name
  • Entering variable data not available in the subscriber data base — 100 characters (maximum mean value, including clients with no changes)

Additional Personalization Services

Web Service (Web2Print, WebTracking, etc.) is an interface available directly online.

    • Web2Print can be used to place orders, confirm card proofs, letterhead, etc.te…
    • The preview on the screen matches the document or card that the final user will receive.
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Operating Systems

ASK contactless Operating System TanGO

At ASK, an R&D department is dedicated to Operating System design. The new generation of Operating Systems benefits from ASK’s well known expertise in mass transit applications and includes additional features required for multiapplication contactless smart cards. The TanGO Operating System for transportation offers total flexibility in terms of file management and post issuance applications.

The latest TanGO Operating System version complies with the Calypso standard revision 3.1 and includes an ePurse application.

For the banking market, TanGO4EMV offers card issuers the performance of a native Operating System and the security level required by the banking sector. TanGO4EMV complies with the EMV standard and is MasterCard certified.

ASK Operating Systems are available in cards, chips or licenses.

SAM and security



The security of a contactless system is based on secret keys that authenticate transactions between the terminals and the cards.

These keys are stored into the cards or ticket and into a Secure Application Module (SAM). A SAM is a smartcard installed permanently in the equipment interacting with the cards or tickets.

ASK provides a comprehensive service for the ticketing systems projects of transport authorities by:

  • Defining the security architecture in accordance with interoperability and specific application requirements.
  • Organizing and executing the keys generation ceremony
  • Storing securely the master secret keys
  • Ensuring the permanent confidentiality of the keys

SAMs contain cryptographic keys that are being generated during ASK’s key ceremonies and personalized to the terminal function (production, emission, loading or validation…). ASK is also the pioneer of SAM issuing in Calypso world and other implementations.

PDFDownload the SAM PDF product sheet


This feature is available for Android 4.4 KitKat and above and makes it possible to use an NFC telephone as a card.
Data is transmitted to the processor containing the HCE application without passing through the secure element – SIM, etc.)

  • Operates in NFC-A mode
  • NFC-B optional depending on telephone
  • The HCE simulates ISO/IEC 7816 cards and uses Application Identifiers (AID) as specified in ISO/IEC 7816-4
  • POC UT performed