Shielding Solutions

ASK shielding solution

Priva’C range

ASK’s Priva’C. range is a shielding paper that disrupts the RF functionality of contactless chips. It offers data protection against fraudulent RF reading into contactless cards, tickets and eID documents. Based on ASK technology of silver ink printed antenna on paper, the Priva’C. range comes as a unique solution for privacy protection and a great marketing tool thanks to the graphical personalization feature. Low cost, user-friendly, ultra-thin, the Priva’C. range is also an environment-friendly RFID blocker and is available in different form-factors to allow for adaptation to current and future needs.
Priva’C.ticket received the 2006 Sesames award for the Best Banking / Finance / Retail Application.

PDFDownload the Priva’C PDF product sheet