ASK developed a unique high performing, cost effective and eco friendly technology and manufacturing process. The ASK manufacturing process is based on a silver ink, silkscreen antenna on various substrates (paper, Teslin®, polycarbonate…).
ASK Silver ink technology

Silver ink

ASK uses an additive process so that only the necessary amount of silver ink is printed unlike the copper etching process where the card is etched on the whole surface and removed, leaving the antenna. ASK's process limits raw materials and waste and silver is less polluting than copper.
ASK Silkscreen printing technology

Silkscreen printing

Silkscreen printing is a scalable roll to roll manufacturing process suitable for high volume production. Printed antennas offer a unique flexibility and do not break during bending and twisting.
ASK pick and place

Pick & place

A pick & place die chip process for contactless products makes them highly resistant to bending and twisting. The final product (card, ticket, epassport etc.) is particularly flat as no module that would thicken the product is used. ASK has met clients' demands and now offers embedded modules on the antenna. All contact/contactless (dual interface) and contactless cards are made to withstand quality tests that go far beyond ISO standards.

ASK, a pioneer in dual interface cards, has developed specific quality tests (3 KAS tests)
to simulate potential damage of the card in the hands of the end users.

Major technology breakthroughs

To date, ASK has registered 59 families of patents. ASK has been instrumental in spreading contactless technology worldwide with unique products and several technology breakthroughs.

1998: 1st dual interface card (delivered to Nice and Amiens)
2000: C.ticket®, 1st contactless paper ticket
2000: CTS256B, Smallest RFID chip designed (C.ticket® range)
2000: GEN 300 series, 1st ISO 14443 A&B coupler dedicated to transit
2002: CT2000, 1st dual interface card for transit EAL1+ certified
2003: C.label, 1st « smart label », contactless paper sticker
2004: SPiD, 1st e-cover with paper substrate and flip chip process for electronic passports
2006: Priva'C. range, 1st RFID shielding based on eco-friendly silver ink on pape
2008: TanGO4EMV, 1st native OS compliant with CALYPSO and EMV standards
2008: CPL108, 1st coupler compliant with CALYPSO and Felica standards
2009: TwinSet, 1st HF/UHF card embedding both technologies on the same card
2010: C.ticket®, 1st Mastercard certified contactless paper ticket