Sustainable development

ASK has been aware of environmental challenges since its creation and has built a policy to reflect this. The technology used on all manufacturing sites largely conforms to this policy.
ASK eco-friendly manufacturing process

An eco-friendly manufacturing process

Silkscreen printed antennas need only a small amount of raw material unlike etching. In the ASK process, 99% of materials are used for the antenna.

• The ASK process does not use chemical engraving unlike copper etching and the company does not use corrosive materials for the antenna.
• Since material consumption is optimized, the electrical consumption is also optimized.
• C.ticket®, ASK's contactless paper ticket, is the most eco-friendly ticket on the market, an essential feature for a product sold by the thousands of millions. The C.ticket is manufactured with FSC certified paper.
ASK recycling policy

Recycling policy

ASK recycles the ROHS silver ink of all its products as well as the gold components used for electronic parts of dual interface cards.

ASK’s clients can also send back their used cards to be recycled.